Selected papers

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M. Sanlı, "A Novel Blockchain for Internet of Things Nodes," Blockchain and Internet of Things Conference, Tokyo, Japan, 2022.

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M. Sanlı, "Soft Decoding of Convolutional Product Codes on an FPGA Platform, M.Sc. Thesis, Middle East Technical University," Ankara, Turkiye.

Courses, Workshops, Talks

Some of the courses, workshops and talks I've delivered online and in person all around the world.

Blockchain Technology 101: A Primer

Blockchain Technology 201: Advanced Topics

Computer Networking

Designing Blockchains: A Game Theoretic Perspective

Building a Blockchain from Scratch

Architecting Decentralized Solutions on Ethereum

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Security and Vulnerabilities

Building a Private Ethereum Blockchain on Embedded Devices

Decentralized Governance and DAOs

NFTs and Web3 Pop Culture

Digital Assets and Tokenization

Metaverse: Enabling Technologies and Trends

Global Cryptocurrency Market: The Untold Story

Introducion to Decentralized Finance

Algortihmic Cryptocurrency Trading


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